Redesign of the Children and Teen Areas

Neillsville Public Library is excited to announce the re-design of the children and teen areas. With the help of Russell’s of Neillsville and DEMCO we have transformed our current space into an area that better meets the needs of the community. We truly have ‘something for everyone’. Our children’s area received updated shelving to allow for more kid friendly browsing. There are new, cozy reading nooks for kids, new tables and creative seating for story hour. We added more color and a toy space for kids to play. There is now clear defined children and teen spaces. We brought in new DVD shelving and feature pieces that really tie everything together. We also now have a maker-space area that will often have maker-space activities such as coding, 3D pens, pancake making, and more on it. These activities come as kits from our system headquarters in Wausau. All ages are welcome to participate in maker-space activities!

Soon, we will have an IPad stand that will include educational games on each IPad with attached headphones for children to learn and play. New lounge furniture will be arriving in upcoming weeks to complete the space.