3D Printer

3D printer

In 2016, Neillsville Public Library was able to offer 3D printing services courtesy of Dalton Durst’s eagle scout project. Dalton raised the funds needed for the printer, trained staff, and helped with any technical questions we’ve had. Thank you  Dalton for your contribution to the library!

The 3D printer is now available for public use once the 3D printer policy and agreement form has been read and signed, and a short training session has been attended.


Cost is $.05 per gram to cover filament costs.

Check out our new 3D printing books or go to thingiverse.com for free print plans!


2016 training sessions:



Steps to 3D print

  1. Sign the policy and attend a mini-training session
  2. Design a 3D model or find one on a site like thingiverse.
  3. Save on a USB drive as a .STL file.
  4. Hand in USB to staff for printing. You may stay and watch your print or leave and come back
  5. Please allow adequate time to print. The general rule of thumb is to add a half hour to the estimated print time. Prints should be finished a half hour before the library closes to allow the printer time to cool down.
  6. Cost is $.05 per gram payable upon project pickup.


Here are some great books on 3D printing.